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WHO YOU FOOLIN' (Girls' Night out)


Meet the Carbons

The Carbons are a band that performs their catchy tunes with passion and purpose.  It’s all about the music, and it’s all about the rock show.  The Carbons are complete entertainers.  The spectacle on stage features Natte standing—and often jumping up and down—on his throne while pounding the drums; Tomy using all four limbs in parallel to conjure as much sound out his guitar and voice as possible; and Connor strumming his bass face to sweaty face with a cymbal crashing Natte.  This trio is bound to have the crowd entertained and on their feet all night long!  They are a memorable act, and after the laughs, shakes and cheers fans leave smiling and humming their tunes. The Carbons give everything to their act.  And when they get on stage, the crowd gives it all back.